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Some doctors estimate that one in five girls will experience some degree of hair loss usually brought on by aging, site;, sickness or hormonal changes after menopause. Ladies are inclined to expertise a delicate thinning everywhere in the scalp somewhat than shedding hair in patches as is frequent in males. To correct the issue, some women choose to put on a wig or hair extensions. Others have had some success utilizing a topical prescriptive drug. The effectiveness of such medication varies in some patients and simply prevents further hair loss with out stimulating any appreciable new development. Hair transplant surgical procedure may be the reply for those who really feel uncomfortable with either of these options.

As most stylists will tell you, washing your hair in cold water is step one to maintaining coloration-treated hair. In response to Herring, hot water will open up the cuticle of the hair and launch color, however cold water retains it closed, so the dye won’t bleed out almost as much.

Dr. Panine made it clear that the answer is simple for avoiding this procedure. "Stay away from things that originally brought on the hair to fall out. Girls need to minimize the use of chemicals in their hair and keep away from tight braiding of their hair, particularly if they start to note any type of hair loss."